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When there are boundless opportunities on the digital frontier, choices are guided by the possibilities that innovation presents, balanced with ethical and responsibility considerations.


Scanning across today’s innovation-driven landscape, we stand at a crossroads.

We are pioneers on the digital frontier, with possibilities in every direction.

The Innovation Compass will be our guiding force.


Just as a compass guides travelers to their destinations, this year’s Earnix E celerate gathering will help you discover your “true north,” allowing you to plot a strong finish to 2024, and to lay out a path for continued success in 2025 and beyond.


Keynote Speakers


Louis Theroux

Acclaimed Documentary-maker

Louis Theroux is a genre-defining documentary presenter, best known for producing immersive documentaries that explore the controversial and complex aspects of the human condition.


Francesca Lazzeri, Ph.D.

Principal Data Scientist Manager @Microsoft

Francesca has over 16 years of experience in academic research, applied machine learning,
AI product management and engineering
team management. 

New for 2024: Expanded Breakout Session Tracks

Breakout session tracks allow you to pursue your interests and tailor the experience for maximum results when you return to the office. We’ve developed three impactful breakout tracks for 2024:

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Innovation Track

Lively and interactive discussions of strategic industry issues and priorities, led by insurance luminaries and Earnix executives. Topics such as climate change, the macro environment, and regulatory directions are sure to be addressed.

Group 6250867.png

Business Performance Track
(Formerly Known as the Expert Track)

Discover, discuss, and hone strategies you can apply for using the latest in Earnix technology to solve pressing insurance industry challenges such as new customer acquisition, increasing agility, and driving profitability.

Group 6250868.png

New! Practitioner Track

A unique hands-on experience integrating live demo sessions and knowledge sharing, led by Earnix technology experts. Learn the latest in AI and ML best practices and gain skills to get the most from your Earnix environment.

Key Topics and Themes Include

Operational Excellence
The LLM Potential
The Power of Data
Profitability and Growth
Legacy Challenges
Customer Centric Experience
Responsible AI
Open Analytics
Ethics and Fairness
Pricing Performance
Evolving Industry Trends
NextGen Underwriting

Recap, Rewind, Relive ​



E celerate


Earnix E celerate 2024 will be held at Convene Sancroft, St. Paul's, London


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